How Do You Get an Annulment?


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To get a civil annulment, fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it to the county where you live, as stated by Lawyers.com. Different states have different laws, meaning that you might have to meet a residency requirement or have a limited window in which to file. Speak with a lawyer to make sure that you meet the requirements for the county where you plan to file.

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You need to meet the right criteria if you want to get a civil annulment, as explained by FindLaw. For example, you can get your marriage annulled if your spouse lied in order to get married, concealed an important fact such as a serious health problem, or there was a substantial misunderstanding between the two of you about the nature of your marriage. Similarly, bigamy, incest and the lack of consent are all grounds for an annulment.

A religious annulment is recognition by the Catholic Church rather than the government that a marriage never existed, according to BeginningCatholic.com. Common grounds for a religious annulment include a lack of consent, a lack of the intention to be faithful to the marriage, and a lack of interest in having children from the start of the marriage.

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