What Is Analpram-HC Used For?


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Analpram-HC is primarily used to treat skin inflammation and anal itching, according to Drugs.com. The site lists allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, minor burns, small scrapes, hemorrhoids and anal fissures as specific conditions treated by the application of Analpram-HC. Drugs.com advises that Analpram-HC should not be used on blistered skin, severe burns, open wounds or large areas of skin.

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Analpram-HC goes by several names, including the generic name hydrocortisone and pramoxine topical, and brand names such as HC Pramoxine, Hydropram and Novacort, as reported by Drugs.com. It is a topical cream made up of an anesthetic and a steroid. This combination reduces pain while minimizing the redness, inflammation and irritation associated with skin issues, explains Drugs.com. Analpram-HC is usually prescribed for thrice-daily usage. Drugs.com advises patients to use the smallest amount of Analpram-HC possible to cover the irritated skin. The site also advises that the cream should not be covered up by a bandage or tight-fitting clothing, because this can lead to over-absorption of the medication.

WebMD warns that Analpram-HC should not be used on children. Common side effects of the drug include increased hunger, nervousness and trouble sleeping. Rare, serious side effects include depression, seizures, blood clots and chronic heart failure, according to WebMD. Patients who experience severe side effects should contact a doctor immediately.

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