What Is Ammonium Lactate Lotion Used For?


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Ammonium lactate lotion and other topical forms of the medication are used to treat scaly, dry skin conditions such as ichthyosis vulgaris and xerosis, according to WebMD. The medication also relieves itching resulting from these conditions, and it works by moisturizing the skin.

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To apply ammonium lactate lotion, shake the bottle well and apply a thin layer to affected areas of the skin, instructs WebMD. Apply twice daily or in accordance with a doctor's instructions, avoiding areas of broken skin and the lips, eyes, nose and genital area. Patients may experience burning when applying the lotion to recently shaved skin, chapped skin or the facial area. Other possible side effects include stinging and redness. Patients should consult a doctor if these side effects persist or worsen, and they should contact a doctor immediately if the skin lightens, darkens or has small red spots after application.

Before using ammonium lactate lotion, patients should notify their doctor if they have any allergies, use any other medical or herbal skin products, or have open wounds or sores on the skin, recommends WebMD. Due to increased sun sensitivity while using this medication, patients should avoid prolonged sun exposure, wear protective clothing and use ample sunscreen. Pregnant women should avoid this medication unless absolutely necessary.

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