What Is Amiodarone HCl Used to Treat?


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According to WebMD, amiodarone HCL is used in the treatment of different kinds of serious irregular heartbeat. This medication serves to restore a normal heart rhythm and maintain a regular heartbeat. Amiodarone HCL is referred to as an anti-arrhythmic drug, blocking the electrical signals responsible for irregular heartbeat.

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According to WebMD, side effects from using this medication include nausea, constipation, vomiting, shaking, loss of appetite or fatigue. Serious uncommon side effects include increased susceptibility to bruising or bleeding, loss of coordination, tingling in hands or feet, elevated fatigue and shortness of breath, newly appearing symptoms of heart failure or uncontrolled movements. Use of amiodarone HCL is not recommended during pregnancy, as it causes harm to an unborn baby.

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