What Is the American Heart Association's Three-Day Diet?


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The so-called American Heart Association three-day diet is a rapid weight loss program that purports to help dieters lose 10 pounds in 36 hours. However, the diet is not actually supported by the American Heart Association, according to Diet.com.

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The three-day diet is also called the Cleveland Clinic diet, the Cardiac diet and the Birmingham Hospital Cardiac Unit diet, among other names. The diet consists of very specific instructions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Advocates for the diet believe that any variation from the instructions alters the weight-loss results.

Most qualified medical institutions consider the three-day diet to be a poor choice for people seeking long-term, healthy weight loss. The American Heart Association and the hospitals unofficially associated with the diet have issued formal statements emphatically stating that they do not endorse the diet, reports LifeScript.com. The diet is not listed among the American Heart Association's official diet and lifestyle recommendations.

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