What Is the Best American Diabetic Diet Plan?

What Is the Best American Diabetic Diet Plan?

An effective diet plan for diabetes should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and non-fat dairy products, according to the American Diabetes Association. Other staple foods include poultry, fish, lean meats and beans.

Foods with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber should replace processed foods, states the American Diabetes Association. In addition, persons with diabetes should monitor portion sizes carefully.

Diabetics should aim for complex carbohydrates whenever possible, rather than simple carbohydrates like sugar, notes WebMD. Complex carbohydrates include starches, fruits, milk and yogurt. Whole grains such as pasta, rice, cereal and braid are excellent choices as well.

Foods rich in fiber help to regulate blood sugar levels, states WebMD. They also assist with digestion, and make the stomach feel full and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Excellent sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, bran products and brown rice; other sources include cooked dried beans, peas and crackers and breads or cereal derived from whole grains.

It is essential for diabetes to avoid fats -especially artificial trans fats and saturated fats- to limit the risk for heart disease, states WebMD. Salt intake should be kept to a minimum, as it may increase the risk of high blood pressure.