Does Amen Clinics Offer ADD Testing?


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Testing for ADD/ADHD and a number of other functional disorders is available through Amen Clinics. As of 2015, brain scans on 90,000 patients from at least 111 countries have been performed between six locations in California, Georgia, New York, Virginia and Washington, according to Amen Clinics.

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In testing for the various forms of ADD/ADHD, doctors at Amen Clinics spend time gathering details on the medical history, social life and work and sleep patterns of each patient. Other lab studies and single-photon emission computed tomography scans then help doctors identify which areas of the brain are functioning normally and those that are not. Depending on the form of ADD/ADHD diagnosed and the lifestyle of the patient, a targeted treatment plan is then developed, explains Amen Clinics.

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