Is Amber or Clear Colored Urine Healthier?


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Amber-colored urine is usually an indication that the body isn't getting enough fluids, while clear-colored urine means the body is getting plenty of fluids, which is usually healthier, notes WebMD. Clear-colored urine is also common in individuals who are taking diuretics, which flush excess water.

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The reason urine is darker when the body isn't getting enough fluids is that the body is attempting to conserve as much remaining fluid as possible, which strengthens the color and concentration of urine, says WebMD. Besides amber and a clear color, urine can also take on a bright green or blue hue from certain medications, orange from eating carrots, port wine from certain inherited diseases, red from blood and yellow from vitamins.

A single drop of blood in the urine can color the entire toilet bowl, notes WebMD. While an individual shouldn't immediately panic upon noticing red colored urine, it could be an indication of cancer or an infection. An infection is more likely if the urine is both red and cloudy.

Another indication that there might be something wrong in the body is urine that has a strong smell, which can indicate urinary stones or an infection, says WebMD. A diabetic might also notice his urine smells sweet from extra sugar.

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