Why Am I Spotting Two Weeks Before My Period Is Due?

am-spotting-two-weeks-before-period-due Credit: Bronko/Moment/Getty Images

Approximately 10 percent of women experience spotting two weeks before their period because of a drop in estrogen levels around the time of ovulation, says Everyday Health. While a small amount of blood is often not cause for alarm, continued spotting or a heavy flow could point to serious medical complications and should be evaluated by a doctor.

Everyday Health describes spotting as "any vaginal bleeding that occurs after a menstrual period ends and before the next period starts." It may be a faint pink discharge, one or two drops of blood or a heavy flow comparable to that of a regular period. Other types of normal discharge between periods include white or clear discharge. If the discharge is unpleasant smelling or dark yellow in color, it may indicate a vaginal infection that needs medical attention.

According to Healthline, a menstrual cycle between 21 and 35 days long, and a period that lasts between two and seven days, is normal. Repeated spotting or bleeding outside of this cycle is considered abnormal and may indicate the following: hormonal imbalance, problems with intrauterine device, pregnancy complications, fibroids, polyps, cancer, stress or diabetes. If bleeding is accompanied by pain, fatigue, dizziness or fever, emergency medical attention is necessary.