Why Am I Having Cramps but No Period?


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Pelvic cramps in the absence of a menstrual period can be caused by several reasons, including ovarian cysts, hernias and cervical cancer, according to WebMD. Pelvic pain can also signify appendicitis or kidney stones. Individuals should consult with a physician if cramps are accompanied by fever or difficulty urinating.

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Pelvic cramping can also be caused by mittelschmerz, a condition that causes painful ovulation, according to Mayo Clinic. Mittelschmerz means "middle pain" in German and typically occurs midway through the menstrual cycle. Mittelschmerz pain can range from dull to severe and tends to come on suddenly. The pain may be accompanied by light vaginal discharge and can last between a few minutes to a few days.

Pelvic cramps can also be a symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition in which the female reproductive organs become infected, according to Healthline. Pelvic inflammatory disease occurs when bacteria enters the vagina and moves into the reproductive organs. If the condition is left untreated, bacteria can also spread to the blood. Additional symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease include pain when urinating, back pain, vaginal discharge and fever. It is important for women with symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease to seek immediate medical attention, as the condition can be life-threatening in certain cases.

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