How Am I Going to Look When I Get Older?


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Normally, the skin becomes more lined and wrinkled and less elastic as a person ages, according to WebMD. Hair also typically becomes thinner on the scalp. With age, the hair turns gray, as hair pigment cells lower in number.

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WebMD explains that how the body ages partly depends on genetic patterns of aging. A person's lifestyle choices also significantly affect the process of aging. A healthy lifestyle is likely to slow down various normal effects of aging.

As a person grows older, skin becomes drier, as the oil glands gradually produce less oil, says WebMD. Older people also have slower fingernail growth. Moreover, those age 80 and above may lose as much as 2 inches in height; this height loss is caused by normal posture changes and compression of spinal bones, spinal discs and joints. Also, bones become weaker and less dense as they lose some of their mineral content. People in their 40s often experience poor vision and require reading glasses,as the lenses in the eyes become less flexible. Older people also find it harder to hear high-frequency sounds and changes in tone and speech. Additionally, aging individuals undergo hormone changes that result in more body fat and less muscle mass.

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