Why Am I Discharging a Lot?

Possible causes of large quantities of vaginal discharge include the use of antibiotics or birth control pills, ovulation, sexual arousal, diabetes, vaginitis, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and certain sexually transmitted infections, explains BootsWebMD. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two sexually transmitted infections that can cause a woman to experience abnormal discharge.

It is normal for a woman to have discharge on a daily basis, and discharge that is either clear or milky white in color is usually not a cause for concern, notes Gurl. Bloody discharge or discharge that is yellow, thick and white with a cheesy consistency, cloudy, gray, or fishy smelling is more likely to be abnormal.

Thick, white, cheesy discharge is common with yeast infections, while cloudy or yellow discharge can be indicative of gonorrhea, explains BootsWebMD. Discharge that is white, yellow or gray with a fishy smell is characteristic of bacterial vaginosis. Whenever there is a concern about the amount or appearance of discharge, a doctor can help determine whether there is a health problem and, if so, how to address it.

If a woman experiences excessive discharge that is not due to a medical problem, there are some steps she can take to try to make herself more comfortable, explains Gurl. Cotton underwear allows the area to breathe, and regularly washing the area with an unscented soap can also help.