What Are Some Alternative Treatments for Loose Teeth?


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Alternative treatments for loose teeth include splinting, bite adjustment and periodontal treatment, says dentist G. Larry Leonakis. In cases where the looseness is caused by excessive bite force, a bite adjustment and mouth guard may resolve the issue.

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Periodontal disease causes ligament damage, bone loss and loose teeth. If periodontal disease is the cause of loose teeth, periodontal treatment may help tighten loose teeth, notes Leonakis. After periodontal treatment, the dentist may adjust the bite to ensure there is no excessive force on any teeth.

Splinting is another alternative method for treatment of loose teeth, explains Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health. By splinting loose teeth together, the force of biting down is distributed among several teeth, alleviating the trauma to a single loose tooth. Mouth guards are another treatment used to prevent teeth grinding habits that can damage and loosen teeth.

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