What Are Some Alternative Therapies for Treating Bedsores?


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A poultice of honey or sugar may be used on open bed sores. Zinc oxide or aloe vera may be effective alternative topical treatments, explains Disabled World. Wheat germ oil or comfrey may also be applied directly to bed sores.

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Powdered comfrey leaves and slippery elm may be mixed together in equal parts to make a paste, which may be applied to sores. The paste may be applied to a bandage, which is then left on the sore for a night. Echinacea powder or goldenseal are effective disinfectants which may be used on bed sores before covering the wounds. Goldenseal may be combined with witch hazel to make a scrub for bed sores. Myrrh or turmeric root may also be used.

Regular skin massages are recommended by Disabled World to increase circulation and thus prevent bed sores. Removal of soiled or damp bedding prevents the formation of bed sores, and skin should be kept as dry as possible. However, vtamin E oil may be applied to the body for moisturization if necessary. Diet can play a key role in preventing bed sores. Red meats must be avoided, while a diet rich in fiber, zinc and vitamins A, B, C and E should be consumed.

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