What Are Some Alternative Methods for Treating Heart Disease?


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Some alternative methods for treating heart disease include chelation therapy, deep breathing, yoga and dietary supplements. Some supplements include: omega-3 fatty acids; red-yeast rice; plant sterols; niacin and oat fiber, according to Everyday Health. It's important for a patient to consult with his doctor before pursuing alternative treatments for heart disease.

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Chelation therapy is a treatment in which an amino acid called EDTA is injected to remove heavy metals from the body, explains Everyday Health. Typically very costly, chelation therapy usually involves multiple injections over four weeks. While using chelation therapy to treat heart disease remains questionable as of 2015, supporters of the treatment state that EDTA removes the calcium deposits that form blockages in the arteries. Because many health risks, such as kidney failure, low blood pressure, seizures and difficulty breathing, are associated with chelation therapy, it is not a commonly recommended, alternative treatment for heart disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease by reducing inflammation, increasing good cholesterol levels and functioning as a mild blood thinner, states Everyday Health. Taking an omega-3 supplement or eating fish at least two times a week gives the body the adequate omega-3 intake. Red-yeast rice, plant sterols, niacin and oat fiber help to treat heart disease by keeping cholesterol levels under control.

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