What Are Some Alternative Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety?


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According to CalmClinic, a few homeopathic ingredients used to treat individual symptoms of anxiety include: aconitum napellus, which is used for individuals who experience anxiety in social settings or panic attacks and argentum nitricum, which is used to dispel anxiety-induced dizziness. Arsenicum album is specifically for hypochondriacs, gelsemium is optimal for reducing chills and hot spells caused by anxiety and natrum muriaticum is used to decrease anxiety chest pains.

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According to both Health and HealthWorks Collective, chamomile is the best herb to help subside mild cases of anxiety. Valerian root is also a great herbal remedy to reduce anxiety.

HealthWorks Collective mentions that magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and gamma-aminobutyric acid supplements are optimal for dissipating anxiety and stress. This site also states that simply eating a healthy diet helps overcome anxiety and recommends a diet high in fresh produce and low in caffeine and dairy.

According to Health, exercise also reduces anxiety, and a minimum of 21 minutes of daily activity is ideal for improving mood and dissipating stress. HealthWorks Collective states that relaxation therapies such as yoga, reiki and meditation increase serotonin levels, prevent panic attacks and decrease stress overall.

Health mentions that yoga also helps with breathing techniques, which can effectively lower anxiety. It lists other herbs that can also reduce anxiety, such as lavender, passion flower, lemon balm (in moderate amounts), hops, L-theanine and St. John's wort.

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