What Alternative Can Be Used in Place of Contact Lens Solution?

alternative-can-used-place-contact-lens-solution Credit: Adam Gault/Caiaimages/Getty Images

There is no safe alternative to commercial contact lens solution. Saline solutions, distilled water or do-it-yourself salt solutions do not disinfect contact lenses and can lead to irritation, infection or permanent damage.

All extended wear contacts that are stored overnight must be cleaned and disinfected prior to reuse with disinfecting lens solutions, according to the Discovery Eye Foundation. Contact lens solutions contain chemicals that kill or inhibit dangerous microorganisms. There are no suitable replacements for these solutions, and improper cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses can expose the wearer to ocular infection, microbial keratitis and other preventable issues. To avoid infection, disinfect lenses daily and do not swim, shower or otherwise expose lenses to water. Additionally, replace lens storage cases every three months.