Is Almond Milk Good for You?


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According to Erin Coleman for the San Francisco Chronicle, almond milk offers several nutritional benefits to the body, especially when compared to regular cow's milk. For example, unsweetened almond milk has fewer calories than cow's milk and can aid in weight loss. It also lacks unhealthy trans fats, cholesterol and saturate fat, which are all known to contribute to heart disease. Almond milk is also helpful against cancer.

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Coleman explains that many people use almond milk as a substitute for cow's milk when practicing a low-carb diet as unsweetened almond milk is especially low in carbohydrates. Many almond milk producers fortify their products with vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, B vitamins, zinc and vitamin E. Not all almond milks are created the same, however, so Coleman recommends reading nutritional labels on product packaging closely to be sure of each beverage's contents.

Many almond milks are flavored and sweetened as plain almond milk can taste quite bland. These enhanced versions of the drink can contain much higher levels of sugar and carbohydrates, which may not be ideal for many people. Coleman warns that almond milk is not a reliable source of protein and has much less of the nutrient per serving than cow's milk. People who rely on milk as a protein source need to be aware that almond milk only has about 1 gram of protein per cup, while cow's milk has 8 grams for the same amount.

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