What Is Alcoholic Wet Brain?


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Alcoholic wet brain, or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, is a type of dementia that end-stage alcoholics experience, according to AlcoholRehab.com. The condition is caused by vitamin B-1 deficiency, and left untreated, recovery is not possible and results in death.

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What Is Alcoholic Wet Brain?
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Alcoholic wet brain is characterized by many symptoms, including confusion, impairment of muscle coordination, difficulty with speech, memory loss and apathy, notes AlcoholRehab.com. Although effects of the condition can be reversed if treated before it progresses too far, and in some cases a full recovery is possible, the only cure for it is to completely stop ingesting alcohol. Most patients who receive timely treatment are able recover from the syndrome and regain lost physical functions brought on by complications of the syndrome.

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