What Are Alcoholic Behavioral Symptoms?


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Some behavioral signs of alcohol abuse include frequent arguments, increased secrecy, sudden change of friends and an unusual need for money. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that is absorbed quickly from the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream. Excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to health, social, legal and safety complications, states Mayo Clinic.

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Individuals who abuse alcohol are likely to lose interest in extracurricular activities. They may stop engaging in favorite hobbies or sports in order to make time for drinking. If they are unable to raise money legally, they may start stealing from relatives or friends.

Individuals who abuse alcohol may suddenly let go of old friends and develop new friendships. The new friends are often individuals who enjoy drinking alcohol. They may also change hobbies and favorite hangouts.

To avoid reproach from friends or loved ones, individuals who abuse alcohol are likely to become secretive. They will rarely disclose their whereabouts or the company they keep. When confronted about the drinking problem, they tend to be irritated and aggressive. They often engage in frequent arguments with colleagues and family members.

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