What Does an Albumin and Creatinine Ratio of 551.7 Mean?

What Does an Albumin and Creatinine Ratio of 551.7 Mean?

An albumin and creatinine ratio greater than 300 indicates a condition known as overt proteinuria, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients with proteinuria have abnormal amounts of protein in the urine, which can be an early sign of kidney disease, as reported by WebMD.

Kidney disease can cause proteins such as albumin to spill into the urine. Immune system disorders, infections, trauma, medications, toxins and more serious conditions such as multiple myeloma or amyloidosis can also cause proteinuria, according to WebMD. Very high levels, while no specific value was reported by Lab Tests Online, are indicative of a more severe form of kidney disease.

The ACR is a test used for monitoring patients with chronic conditions that can damage the kidneys and put them at a greater risk for kidney disease, such as diabetes and hypertension. This screening process allows for treatment to slow or even prevent the progression of disease, according to Lab Tests Online.

It is important to determine the underlying cause of proteinuria so that proper treatment can be provided. Treatment may not be necessary for mild or temporary proteinuria; however, chronic kidney disease, if not treated, can lead to kidney failure.

The Mayo Clinic reports that positive test results warrant repeat testing to confirm the results and warns that albumin levels may be increased by heavy exercise, as well as by urine collection during the menstrual cycle, and should be avoided.