What Are the After Effects of a Concussion?


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Delayed effects of a concussion include irritability or personality changes, problems with memory, sleep disturbances, inability to concentrate and issues with taste or smell, reports Mayo Clinic. The symptoms resulting from a concussion are not always immediately apparent and may last for days or months.

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Symptoms that continue during the concussion recovery period include headache, sensitivity to light and noise, and problems concentrating, according to Healthline. Individuals who continue to experience effects of concussion or develop new symptoms may be suffering from postconcussive syndrome. Postconcussive syndrome includes symptoms such as dizziness or lightheadedness, changes to sleep patterns, headache, blurry vision, and difficulties with memory and concentration, says WebMD. Affected individuals can also experience changes to personality or mood, and lack of interest in usual activities. Postconcussive syndrome is more common in those who have suffered a severe concussion, but the condition typically resolves on its own. However, further medical tests are recommended if symptoms persist after several months, according to eMedicine Health.

The prognosis for a single, isolated concussion is good. Most individuals who experience one concussion do not suffer long-term effects. Concussions are cumulative, which means that each concussion a person experiences increases the ease with which they receive another concussion. Repeated concussions have long-term consequences such as brain damage, psychiatric disorders, memory problems and other neurological issues, reports eMedicine Health.

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