Do African Mango Pills Have Any Side Effects?


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Possible side effects from African mango capsules may include headache, insomnia, issues with the gastrointestinal system and symptoms similar to the flu, according to Drugs.com. The side effects were reported in a clinical study that was conducted among a small group of individuals.

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The African mango tree exists within tropical forests across the continent of Africa, as stated by Drugs.com. The leaves, kernels, bark and roots have been used in traditional medicine for quite some time, and certain parts of the tree may also be used as ingredients for homemade cosmetic products, wine and food.

Although some individuals have experienced gastrointestinal issues after taking African mango capsules, most have reported increased activity within the gastrointestinal tract, as reported by Drugs.com. Other possible benefits include improved symptoms in diabetic and obese individuals. Many of the clinical studies conducted with this supplement prescribed 150 milligrams 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, which is similar to manufacturers' suggested dosage of a 150 milligram capsule twice a day with food.

No serious allergic reactions to African mango supplements have been reported, but individuals who have experienced negative reactions to the substances within the plant should avoid taking the supplement, as suggested by Drugs.com. Studies have shown delayed stomach emptying shortly after taking the supplement, which may interact with certain prescription medications in a negative manner.

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