How Do You Find Affordable Apartments for Seniors?


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Find affordable apartments for seniors by contacting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, in your region. This office has HUD-approved counselors available to help low-income senior citizens secure affordable housing.

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The HUD office has multiple housing programs for eligible senior citizens. Public housing, voucher housing and subsidized housing programs are three of the rental-assistance programs available. Public housing programs are income-based programs run by the local public housing agencies.

The voucher program, also called Section 8, provides rental assistance to low-income individuals who want to rent from private owners that accept public housing vouchers. Subsidized housing refers to private homes or apartments that are subsidized by HUD. There are also public housing buildings and units specifically designed for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The HUD office collects and reviews a variety of personal documents in order to determine program eligibility, including information on family size, family income, assets, taxes and bank accounts. Information about medical expenses, prescription bills and insurance payments are also taken into consideration. Seniors who are approved for one or more of the programs are placed on a waiting list. Due to the popularity of public housing programs, it can take a few years for a person's name to reach the top of the list.

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