How Do You Afford Dental Implants?


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To afford dental implants, comparison shop, check for insurance coverage, and look into dental schools and charities, suggests Dental Implant Cost Guide. Also research financing options.

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Check with a number of dental implant providers to compare costs, advises Dental Implant Cost Guide. Prices vary among local providers, and providers in large cities may charge more than those in smaller towns or rural areas. Consider having the procedure done in a different country too. A dental implant that costs $4,250 in the United States may cost $850 in India and Croatia, as of 2015. If considering having a procedure performed abroad, check on the provider's credentials as well as the licensing standards and regulations in the country in question.

Although many dental insurance plans do not cover dental implants, it is worth checking with the company with regard to coverage, notes Dental Implant Cost Guide. If a dental implant is the only solution to a situation, the insurance company may cover it. Also look into discount dental plans that may offer discounts on the procedure when certain providers are used.

Dental schools sometimes offer low prices on procedures, and some charities offer free or low-cost dental services for certain populations, says Dental Implant Cost Guide. Certain providers also offer financing plans to those with good credit scores. This permits monthly payments over a period of years to help pay for dental implants.

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