What Is the AFAA Test?

The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, or AFAA, offers certification tests in five areas: personal training, group exercise, kickboxing, military fitness training and step. Individuals who pass these tests and receive certification become globally accredited and recognized. Each of the five certification tests involves both a written and a practical exam. The AFAA offers certification programs and, for individuals with prior study and experience, sit down tests across the United States.

Depending on the certification, the AFAA certification programs provide an online prep course, study materials and a study guide for a one to three month period of self-guided study. The programs culminate in a one to three day workshop, led by a certified instructor, that provides and reviews the materials from the course. After the workshop, students take the certification exam.

Individuals can visit the AFAA website to learn more about the individual components of each certification test, purchase study materials, or locate and enroll in certification programs. For individuals who wish to take the certification test without the program, the website also offers a list of testing locations. Alternatively, professionals who own fitness, wellness or other health-related facilities can register to host AFAA workshops. In return, they receive various membership discounts and bonuses.