Does AdvoCare Really Work?


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The AdvoCare diet plan does not work, according to the National Institute for Fitness and Sport. In fact, this program can cause some serious health issues such as organ failure and gastric pain.

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One reason that the AdvoCare does not work is that the plan replaces the nutrients of whole foods in the diet with supplements, the National Institute for Fitness and Sport explains. The diet also encourages users to consume energy drinks frequently. Energy drinks contain stimulants and additives that are unhealthy and unregulated by the FDA.

While a user can lose weight during the cleanse phase of the plan, the weight loss is largely water weight that the user gains back, states the National Institute for Fitness and Sport. The supplements used to purge the body are merely laxatives, and the process can cause electrolyte imbalances and other problems. AdvoCare emphasizes the use of nonstarchy vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, but it ignores dairy and fruit, depriving the body of critical vitamins and nutrients.

Instead of purchasing AdvoCare, a person interested in weight loss should focus instead on eating healthy foods and getting sufficient exercise, suggests the National Institute for Fitness and Sport. People who have used AdvoCare report raised blood pressure, kidney failure and heart attacks.

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