What Advice Would You Give a Heart-Attack Survivor Scheduled to Have a Stent Procedure?


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Prior to the stent procedure, notify the doctor of all current prescription and non-prescription medications. Also, do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of the procedure, instructs WebMD. On the day of the procedure, take along dentures, glasses and hearing aids to assist with communication.

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After the stent procedure, avoid all strenuous physical activity until the doctor advises that it is safe, instructs MedlinePlus. Instead, arrange for assistance from family and friends prior to the procedure.

The doctor may prescribe a blood thinning medication or aspirin. Take the medication exactly as prescribed, and do not discontinue or alter the dosage without discussing it with the doctor, states MedlinePlus.

Short-term discomfort is expected; however, contact the doctor immediately if there is bleeding or a change in color at the catheter incision site, advises MedlinePlus. Also, call the doctor if coughing produces blood or colored mucus or if chills, fever or sustained chest pain develops.

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