What Is Some Advice on Dating Older Men?


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Some advice on dating older men are to appreciate the man's wisdom and to avoid making comments about his aging body and appearance. Avoid complaining about your age or making sly comments that point out the age discrepancy. Despite the age difference, continue to act like your true, authentic self and get to know the man's psychological age in addition to his chronological age.

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Because the man is older, he might offer advice or talk about how things used to be when he was his partner's age. It's important to allow the man the freedom to express his views or reminisce about his past. At the same time, a man has pride, and it's important not to nag him with questions about his health or make comments about how his body is growing older. With the man's age and wisdom, he may want to take care of you, physically or financially, and it's important to allow him to relish in his ability to provide for you.

It's unhelpful to complain about your age because it might make the man feel too old or inadequate by comparison. However, it's acceptable to relish your youthful appearance and that you are young and energetic for your partner. Subtle ways to insult your man's age include to reference your young age when your man mentions a date in the past. In addition, avoid giving the man a nickname that refers to his age.

It's important to examine how your psychological age compares to that of your partner. For example, a man might be older by physical age, but he might enjoy exercising and he might have a robust physical condition. The man might have younger friends and an active sexual appetite makes him a compatible long-term partner, despite his age.

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