What Advantages Does Muscle Milk Have Over Whey Protein?


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Muscle Milk has several advantages over whey, namely that Muscle Milk is a mixture of several dairy proteins, including whey and calcium caseinate, it contains some carbs, and has a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, Bodybuilding.com states. Whey protein, typically sold as just whey, has none of these.

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Both whey and caseinate, the proteins that make up Muscle Milk, are derived from dairy, states Bodybuilding.com. Caseinate is approximately 80 percent of all milk protein and is a particularly desirable protein for lifters because it digests very slowly. Slow-digesting proteins stabilize blood sugar over longer periods and are anti-catabolic, which means they help prevent the breakdown of muscle.

Whey, on the other hand, is a fast-digesting protein best suited to pre- and post-workout, when a quick amino acid uptake is crucial. Since Muscle Milk provides whey and carbs, it's ideal as a pre-workout and recovery shake. For the same reasons, and because it also contains vitamins and minerals, it's also a perfect meal replacement, according to Bodybuilding.com.

Though caseinate tends to clot in the stomach, Muscle Milk is lactose-free and gluten free. Muscle Milk also contains L-Carnitine, and as an essential amino acid, it burns fat, boosts energy, protects the heart, and reduces muscle soreness, according to NutritionExpress.com.

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