What Are the Advantages of Knowing When You Are Going to Die?

People who know they are going to die can mend relationships and connect with family members to end any animosity before they die, explains physician Carolyn McClanahan with Forbes. They can seek hospice or palliative care to take care of them in their final moments, and they can plan their funerals to their personal specifications and personally give away precious mementos and belongings to their loved ones.

Knowing that death is impending often gives people time to secure financial means for family members and dependents and organize financial and insurance documents so that they are easily accessible upon death, according to McClanahan. A dying person can meet with a financial adviser or investment banker to finalize beneficiaries, compile or change a will, and establish a trust for the estate.

Knowing in advance also gives people time to create memories that last long after their passing, such as memorial videos for younger family members and friends, letters to loved ones, and photos or scrapbooks that share the history of their lives, explains McClanahan. People can also plan out their funerals prior to death and designate hymns, readings, passages and memorial donations. Some people also host life parties prior to death so that they can participate in the remembrance activities.