What Are the Advantages of a Food Tracker Worksheet?


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Using a food tracker worksheet or chart allows the user to record everything that he eats, making it easier for a person to determine how dietary changes affect his weight and overall health. This type of worksheet is helpful for individuals who are on specifically restrictive diets, or individuals who want to determine what food is causing an effect such as an allergic reaction.

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ChooseMyPlate.gov offers a number of food tracker worksheets that are customized for certain ages and recommended calorie intakes. Each worksheet notes the amounts of food from each food group that a person should consume in a day, which may vary depending on age. For example, an adult following a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet should eat 3 cups of dairy products, while a child eating the same number of calories only needs 2 1/2 cups of dairy per day.

A person who is following an elimination diet to determine what foods he is allergic to may benefit from using a food tracker worksheet. An elimination diet involves eliminating possible allergens from the diet for a period of time to determine what foods are causing a reaction. By tracking his food intake during an elimination diet, a person is able to stay consistent with his food intake, and look for possible suspect foods in his diet if a reaction persists.

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