What Are the Advantages of Following a Fat Free Diet?


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Low fat diets can improve cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, reports Everyday Health. As fats are calorie dense, switching to a low fat diet can aid in weight loss as well.

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Low fat diets can be especially beneficial in losing weight, as these diets focus on eating more filling foods, according to Everyday Health. Fats are the most calorie-dense nutrient, and reducing the intake of fats can have a significant effect on maintaining a healthy weight.

Low fat diets also focus specifically on reducing the intake of saturated fats, which primarily come from animal sources. Trans fats, which are a common ingredient in packaged foods, are usually eliminated in a low fat diet as well. Both these classes of fats contribute to levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Thus, by reducing their intake or substituting these fats with vegetable fats, blood triglyceride levels significantly improve and the risk of heart disease drops.

However, WebMD warns to check labels when buying foods for a low fat diet. Often fat free foods do not taste as good as the regular versions, and thus food companies must add ingredients to make them palatable. As a result, many fat free foods contain added sugars, flour or salt, which can negate the benefits of a lower fat diet.

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