What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Fluoridex Daily Defense?


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Fluoridex Daily Defense provides fluoride to individuals to help protect teeth. Many places in the United States offer fluoride in the water, so use of this medication is a supplement in places with low levels of fluoride in the water, according to Drugs.com. The disadvantages of using Fluoridex Daily Defense include potential interaction with other medications.

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The major advantage of using Fluoridex Daily Defense is additional protection for the teeth from cavities. When taken along with a healthy diet, a good regime of brushing and flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, this medication helps keep teeth strong and healthy, explains Drugs.com. Another advantage includes the variety of delivery methods, such as gel, tablet, paste, liquid and cream. No problems with normal dosage exist for use in children and the elderly.

Other medical conditions need to be reported to a doctor before taking this medication, including joint pain, stomach ulcers and kidney problems. Mild side effects with this medication include stiffness, discoloration of teeth, and pain and aching in the bones, says Drugs.com. More severe side effects require immediate medical attention and include black stool, bloody vomit, shallow breathing, increased watering of the mouth, stomach cramps or pain, and tremors. Very rarely, a patient gets sores in the mouth or on the lips.

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