What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Teen Pregnancy?

There are many disadvantages to teen pregnancy. It is correlated with lower education rates, higher poverty rates and lower infant and maternal health rates. However, there are also some advantages to a teen pregnancy. For some teens, becoming parents helps them get their lives in order and prepare for a financially stable adulthood.

The disadvantages of teen pregnancy are statistically clear. More than 50 percent of teen mothers never finish high school. Of those who do graduate from high school, only 2 percent earn a college degree by age 30. Both teen mothers and their babies are more likely to experience poor health after birth. Teen mothers are also more likely to live in poverty. There is more than enough evidence to prove that, if possible, teens should wait to become parents until they are older.

For some teenagers, there are advantages to having a child. These teenagers use parenting as a way to build stable adult lives and to find jobs that allow them to support and care for their babies. These teens are likely to have family and friend support to help them on their journey, as well as the resources to seek out education and career opportunities while parenting an infant.