What Are Some Advantages of Digital Radiography?


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The advantages of using digital radiography include the ability to view an image on a computer within minutes of capturing the image and the ability to send the images to doctors at another location for viewing, explains Block Imaging. Digital radiography images are also portable, allowing an individual to take the images with him to another doctor on a CD or flash drive.

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When patients are able to immediately view their X-rays, it increases their confidence in their doctor or dentist, informs Dr. Alex Parsi on Dental Economics. Increasing confidence has a positive correlation on the number of patients who agree to the treatment plan suggested by their physician. Digital radiography also decreases the acquisition time of X-rays, meaning patients are exposed to less radiation and spend less time waiting at the doctor's office for the acquisition and development of the X-ray images.

Digital radiography does not require the development of film, meaning there are no chemicals used for processing the film, states Block Imaging. This makes digital radiography an environmentally friendly option compared to conventional radiography. The lack of film also saves time, as there is no need for employees to carry films from one location to another, and space, because there is no need to store film.

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