What Are the Advantages of the Braggs Vinegar Diet?

Incorporating Bragg apple cider vinegar into the diet has many advantages, including aiding digestion, promoting a healthy heart, relieving muscle pain, maintaining normal cholesterol levels and assisting in weight loss, notes Bragg. Apple cider vinegar may also increase energy levels, relieve sore throats and keep skin and hair healthy.

Apple cider vinegar can help with diabetes and blood sugar control by partially blocking the digestion of starch, according to WebMD. Because some starch is not digested, blood sugar levels don't increase as much. People can also apply apple cider vinegar to the skin to exfoliate and clear certain types of acne. After washing hair, an apple cider vinegar rinse gives hair increased bounce and shine, notes Bragg.

The Bragg vinegar diet involves consuming a Bragg healthy cocktail at least twice a day. This cocktail is made my mixing 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. Because many natural enzymes, nutrients and minerals are eliminated during the distilling process, Bragg recommends using only raw, organic apple cider vinegar. A sweetener, such as organic honey, maple syrup, molasses or stevia, may be added if desired. Because of the acidity of apple cider vinegar, it may damage tooth enamel or harm the esophagus if it isn't diluted before drinking, explains WebMD.