What Are the Advantages of Being an Athletic Trainer?

advantages-being-athletic-trainer Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Working as an athletic trainer has many benefits, including improved physical health and the opportunity to make income on a flexible work schedule. Athletic trainers can choose to work for health clubs, gyms or corporate fitness facilities, or they can choose to work as self-employed individuals.

One of the benefits of working for a facility is that the gym provides clients and pays for overhead and marketing expenses. Facilities usually offer group health insurance plans that trainers can take part in as employees of the company. Athletic trainers who work for corporate facilities or privately owned gyms share a portion of their income with the facility where they work. In addition, most facilities require athletic trainers to carry liability insured at the trainer's expense.

Self-employed athletic trainers must build a client base of their own and pay for their own expenses, such as overhead, marketing, liability insurance and personal health insurance coverage. Self-employed athletic trainers have more flexibility and often work in people's homes or outdoors where there are no associated overhead costs. Athletic trainers who work for themselves have a virtually unlimited potential for income, because they can train clients in person or make use of the Internet to reach a much larger client base by working with clients online.