What Is an Adult Daycare Program?

Adult daycare programs relieve caregivers of adults during the day while still providing safe and friendly monitoring and support. They are frequently used by those who are caring for elderly, disabled or otherwise ailing loved ones to provide a safe place during the workday, or just so that the caregiver can run errands, take a break, or otherwise have time away.

Adult daycare centers have varying purposes, including short-term care during rehabilitation after a hospitalization as well as more permanent arrangements. Many programs specialize in one type of client, including Alzheimer's or dementia sufferers, or adults with mental or physical disabilities.

In addition to facilities focused on Alzheimer's, which requires specialized skills, infrastructure and staff, facilities are generally focused either towards medical care or social interaction. For adults with heavy medical needs where the caretaker also works, adult daycare can help bridge the gap, often featuring nurses and other medical staff on-site. For adults with intellectual disabilities, as well as elderly people who might otherwise be isolated during the day, adult daycare can be an opportunity for interaction with other, similar adults in a low-risk, monitored situation. Both types of facilities frequently offer meals as well as transportation to and from the facility.