What Is an Adnexal Cyst?


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An adnexal cyst is fluid-filled tissue that is growing on a organ or connective tissues around a woman's uterus, according to Mayo Clinic and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The growths are usually benign, but they can be cancerous. Diagnosis and treatment may require surgery.

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Adnexal cysts and tumors typically appear in the fallopian tubes, ovaries and surrounding connective tissue, according to Mayo Clinic. Surgery is needed when a cyst is painful, infected or causing damage to other organs or if it interferes with the ability to become pregnant, notes the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Adnexal surgery can be a traditional open procedure or a minimally invasive laproscopy, which typically reduces pain and shortens the hospital stay. Open surgery requires a larger incision, which lengthens the recovery time.

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