How Do You Adjust a Respironics REMstar Plus?

The air pressure that a Philips Respironics REMstar Plus respiratory sleep therapy device delivers is adjusted by a physician according to prescription, as stated in the model's user manual available to view and download at ManualsLib. A physician must be consulted if the pressure is inadequate.

While lacking a proper adjustment control, the Respironics REMStar Plus does have a feature called the Ramp function. The Ramp feature allows the user to adjust the pressure lower than the prescription level at the beginning of operation, with the pressure gradually increasing as the user falls asleep and ultimately reaching full prescription pressure, according to the user manual.

The Ramp feature may or may not be enabled on the device, depending on the physician's prescription. Patients can find it on the device's Setup screen. To reach the Setup screen, highlight Setup on the Home Screen and press the navigation wheel. The display only shows four lines at a time, and the Setup screen features can be scrolled through by rotating the wheel. Once Ramp Start is highlighted, press the wheel. This displays the starting pressure, which can be adjusted using the wheel, as demonstrated on page 8 of the user manual.

Manufactured by Philips, the REMstar Plus is a continuous positive air pressure device intended to provide therapy to patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, as stated in the product's user manual. Philips manufactures a number of sleep apnea devices and has product information and documents available on the company's website.