How Do You Adjust a Remstar Plus M Series CPAP Machine?


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Adjust the REMstar Plus M Series CPAP machine using the clearly marked dials on the machine, states Direct Home Medical. In addition to manual pressure control, the machine automatically changes the pressure based on the user's' breathing pattern.

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The dial and button controls on the machine allow the user to control the therapy pressure settings and to increase air flow gradually as he sleeps, explains Direct Home Medical. There are three pressure settings from which the user can choose to ensure that the therapy pressure is not uncomfortable. The machine then monitors the pressure using the user's breathing pattern and further decreases the therapy pressure as the user exhales if required.

Some users find falling asleep difficult if they set the machine to their prescription air flow from the outset, Direct Home Medical further explains. The Ramp control allows the users to start at a lower air flow, and the machine slowly increases the flow until it reaches the prescription level. If the user wakes up during the night, he can use the Ramp button to reset the system and begin at the lower flow level again. The dial and buttons are clearly marked and accessible on the face of the machine.

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