How Addictive Are Hydrocodone Pills?


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Pills containing hydrocodone as an active ingredient are extremely addictive as hydrocodone is considered to be the most abused opiate drug in the United States, according to Healthline. Hydrocodone is the generic name for trademarked products, including Vicodin, Hycodan, Zohydro ER and Robidone.

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Hydrocodone is an oral narcotic prescribed as an analgesic to relieve mild or chronic severe pain. Addiction to hydrocodone generally occurs due to the drug's effects of inducing lethargy, euphoric emotions and pain-altering perceptions. These tend to create urges and cravings for the medication that drive further abuse. Symptoms of hydrocodone addiction typically include queasiness and retching, disorientation, depression, tinnitus, convulsions, migraines and visual impairment.

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