How Do You Add Diatomaceous Earth to the Human Diet?


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Diatomaceous earth can be added to the human diet by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of food-grade diatomaceous earth into an 8-ounce glass of juice or water, according to DiatomaceousEarth.com. Only food-grade diatomaceous earth is suitable for human consumption.

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Diatomaceous earth (DE) does not dissolve but remains suspended in the liquid, gradually settling to the bottom. An individual must stir to distribute the DE evenly throughout the liquid and drink before it settles. Starting with a small amount of DE with juice before meals, an individual can increase the amount of DE up to a tablespoon a day, the maximum amount recommended by DIatomaceousEarth.com.

DE is generally recognized as safe as a food item, but is not technically approved as a food by the Food and Drug Administration, and cannot be marketed as a human-health supplement with specific medical claims. Many people regularly ingest DE, however, report that it contributes to health benefits ranging from lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels to better digestion and healthier teeth, hair and nails. Users also report that adding DE to their diet in the morning has significantly assisted weight loss by reducing appetite throughout the day, states Earthworks Health.

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is about 85 percent amorphous silica, a trace element essential to human health. Silica is required by the body to assimilate calcium, which is vital to bone health, and can also help slow the degenerative process of connective tissue, as reported by Earthworks Health. Other minerals found in DE include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, titanium, boron, manganese, copper and zirconium, making it a significant source of these important trace elements.

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