What Is ADD?


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ADD stands for attention deficit disorder, but is not an accurate term used by doctors currently, but instead it is being referred to as ADHD or attention deficit/hyperactive disorder. ADD is just one of many names the disorder has had over the past century according to the National Resource Center on ADHD.

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There are numerous sighs that can be over looked or mistaken for other diseased in children and especially in adults who were never diagnosed with ADHD previously. The symptoms in children can include difficulty focusing, organization issues and fidgeting or squirming when seated. These symptoms, according to WebMD can vary in adults. An adult that wasn't diagnosed or never out grew the condition may exhibit, chronic lateness or forgetfulness, anxiety, boredom and depression. There are a number of factors that play into whether someone will suffer from ADHD or not. These factors include heredity, changes in the brain and chemical imbalances. These types of factors are generally out of the control of a parent or doctor, but there are other contributing factors which can be controlled or influenced by parents or family. These factors include poor nutrition and exposure to toxins. Brain injuries, like those that occur during sports, can also be a contributing factor to children with ADD.

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