Is Acupuncture Helpful for Relieving Back Pain?


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The growing body of research on acupuncture indicates that acupuncture may be helpful in providing short-term relief for chronic back pain, according to WebMD. Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment developed over 2,500 years ago that involves placing thin needles into strategic places on the body.

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Is Acupuncture Helpful for Relieving Back Pain?
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Chronic back pain is the most common reason that people seek acupuncture treatment, explains WebMD. Acupuncture practitioners believe it works by altering the flow of energy in the body and correcting energy imbalances. Scientists theorize that acupuncture can relieve pain by stimulating the central nervous system, increasing the flow of endorphins, triggering the release of natural opioids or changing the composition of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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