What Are Some Activities in a T-Tapp 15-Minute Workout?


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The T-Tapp 15-minute method of movement is an at-home fitness program that can be performed in four square feet of space, is aerobic with no impact and does not require equipment. Each movement uses five to seven muscles. Some of the activities in the 15-minute workout include T-Tapp Twist, Pull the Weeds and Advanced Hoe Downs, all of which the video explains. Other activities include the Primary Back Stretch and Putting the Organs in Place.

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The idea behind T-Tapp workouts and activities is that participants work "smarter" not "harder." The program was also designed to be accessible anywhere, even if a participant does not have access to a gym or equipment.

T-Tapp activities vary depending upon the program chosen, but each activity pays special attention to a particular muscle or group of muscles, and each one is designed for a particular goal. For example, there is a workout made up of activities that all address strengthening the legs. Another workout targets the core. The 15-Minute Basic Workout takes 15 minutes to develop the entire body.

The activities have creative names, such as "Pull the Weeds," which also help the participants to remember the movement itself and the goal of the activity. Activities pay close attention to body structure and mechanics in order to limit the risk of injury.

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