What Are Some Activities to Help Stroke Patients Recover?


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Recovery for stroke patients can require a team of specialists that work on different activities, such as motor control, cognitive skills, daily life function and mobility training. A debilitating stroke can affect a patient's ability to perform basic functions, such as walking, talking, eating and dressing, states the National Stroke Association. Relearning these skills can require physical, speech and occupational therapy.

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To relearn how to move, stand, walk and do other physical activities after a stroke, a patient can require the help of a physical therapist. Through physical therapy, different types of exercises are used to help with motor skills, balancing, coordination and improve the condition of weak muscles of arms and legs. Therapy can involve range of motion exercises that can help with spasticity, notes Mayo Clinic.

In many cases, physical therapy also is necessary to learn how to use walking aids, including canes and walkers. Some patients may also need to learn activities that involve walking with an ankle or leg brace. Occupational therapy can help patients relearn how to do basic everyday activities, such as brushing the teeth, bathing, combine the hair and dressing. It can also involve relearning how to use eating utensils or a pen or pencil to write.

When a stroke causes swallowing or speech problems, a speech therapist may help with these problems. Language impairment occurs in over one-third of stroke victims in which the left side of the brain was affected, states WebMD. There is research that also indicates that short and intensive speech therapy can significantly improve speech skills.

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