What Activities Should Be Avoided When Taking Z-Pak Antibiotics?


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Patients taking Zithromax Z-Pak may become sunburned quite easily, so sun exposure, and tanning under sun lamps and in tanning booths should be avoided. Patients should use sunscreen or wear protective clothing if they need to be outside for any length of time, states Drugs.com.

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Zithromax, generic name azithromycin, is a macrolide antibiotic and is used to treat certain bacterial infections. It reduces the production of proteins that the bacteria needs to survive and therefore slows the growth of or kills the bacteria, explains Drugs.com.

There are a few known side effects of azithromycin. Some of the more common side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or headaches. Older adults taking azithromycin are more likely to experience side effects relating to heart rhythm, including a life-threatening fast heart rate, notes Drugs.com.

Antacids containing aluminium or magnesium should not be taken two hours before or after taking azithromycin, as these can make the antibiotic less effective if taken at the same time, explains Drugs.com.

As with most other antibiotics, it is important to complete the course of azithromycin. If the course is not completed, the medicine may not clear up the infection completely, and this can make it more difficult to treat in the future as the bacteria can become less sensitive to the drug, states Drugs.com.

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