What Are Some Activities for Seniors in Nursing Homes?


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Suitable activities for seniors in nursing homes include crafts, visits from volunteers with animals, puzzles, and a variety of board games, card games and mind games. Playing with or petting an animal ranks as one of the most popular and soothing activities for seniors.

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Seniors may also enjoy a variety of craft kits that vary by season and holiday. Valentine crafts on Valentine’s Day, Easter crafts, Thanksgiving crafts and Christmas crafts keep seniors from getting bored and provide a way to celebrate the holiday.

Animals provide therapeutic benefits for seniors, and even the most shy enjoy a visit from a soft, furry creature. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs all make good options, but a visitor must check with a nursing home before bringing in any animal, as some residents may have serious allergies.

Popular with many seniors, puzzles offer an opportunity for boosting cognitive function and assisting with problem-solving skills. A suitable puzzle presents a challenge, but not to the point where the difficulty may frustrate seniors. Painting also remains a popular activity with seniors because it provides an outlet for artistic ability and creativity. Board games and card games are always a hit. Whatever the choice, providing variety by changing things up every once in a while helps maintain a senior's interest.

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